Thursday, July 07, 2005

We were all devastated to learn of this tragedy in London today. We at lived through the tragedy of September 11th, when the father of one of our young teenangels ( was lost. We joined with others around the world and pitched in. We protected the victims' families from identity theft and scams. We linked our worldwide corps of volunteers three to each family who needed someone to talk with 24/7 (one from Europe, one form North America and one from Asia). Our family match program helped others who wanted ot do something reach the families with help, caring and their generosity.

Sadly, it appears that we must now start again. This time supporting the people in the UK who so kindly supported us in the US during our tragic moments. One of my volunteers, a wonderful and caring woman from England who now lives in Australia first shared the news with us here in the US today.

Until we find a way to do more than share our prayers, caring and outrage...we will help others share their thoughts here on this London77 blog.

Note that we reserve the right to edit and delete any posts we feel are inappropriate or political in nature. This is to share support and caring, not hate.

We welcome your thoughts and hope that bloggers out there will share this url with others. We are a powerful force.

Parry Aftab,
Executive Director